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  • Bigad2u | Portable Display Stand for Exhibitions Malaysia | Contact us: +603-6252 4849 / 6253 1320 or +6018-911 4849 | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia MONTHLY PROMO CODE: AUGPROMOTE * 5% discount with purchased RM2000 & above Fight Covid-19 Social Distancing Tension Fabric Set A Tension Fabric Set with counter & brochure stand 1/13 HOT IN THE MARKET New Arrival Customize Cutout LED Lightbox Price RM300.00 On Sales QU-1 Regular Price RM120.00 Sale Price RM100.00 Q Up Info Stand Price RM100.00 On Sales Social Distancing Floor Sticker Line Price RM40.00 Social Distancing Floor Sticker Price RM10.00 New Arrival Poster Stand - H17 (Dual Pole) Price RM180.00 Poster Stand - Beautiful Screen Price RM300.00 Poster Stand - H16 (Single Pole) Price RM180.00 New Arrival Tension Fabric Backdrop (Packages A) Price RM3,290.00 Show More

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    LED CUTOUT LIGHT BOX OM THAI 3D LETTERING SIGNBOARD LED Cutout Signboard - VGS Hair Saloon 66 Corner Food Court @ Gohtong Jaya HAPPY WUDI SIGNBOARD Little Bell Signboard JEC Signboard MRB 3D Illuminated Lettering Signage & Frameless Light Box

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    What are Illuminated Letters? Illuminated Sign Letters are three-dimensional letters embedded with LED modules. They are often attached directly on a wall, indoor and outdoor. Illuminated Letters are vastly different than the regular channel letter due to its fabrication complexity. What are the Benefits? There are many benefits for choosing our Illuminated Letters. To start off, we fabricate these letters with Stainless Steel and Acrylic so they are durable both for indoor and outdoor use. The outdoor and indoor capability gives you the freedom to select where to install. The letters are illuminated with LED modules so you get the dual benefit for brightness at a fraction of the energy used. In the past, illuminated signs are known to consume a lot of energy, but with LED technology, these signs are extremely energy-efficient. The most important benefit of utilizing these letters is that it will increase the visibility and overall appearance of your business. This type of signage will attract a lot of foot traffic if it is displayed at the entrance of your business. The three-dimensional design will make your brand name pop out, and the LED lights will further amplify the visibility even during night time. If you decide to use these letters for interior signage, you will create a professional and sophisticated atmosphere for your business environment. Ultimately, you will attract more customers, which makes this type of signage a worthy and crucial investment. There are a variety of letters that are being offered out there. ​ Metal Letter Signs - Front Lit 不锈钢立体发光字(前面打灯) Which are more commonly known as Premium Channel Letters, are made of Stainless Steel return and an Acrylic face, so the LED lights illuminate from the front. Metal Letter Signs - Backlit 不锈钢立体发光字( 后 面打灯) Also called as Reverse Channel Letters, are made of Stainless Steel with LED lights illuminating from the back. ​ 3D Acrylic Letter Signs - Full Lit 立体亚克力全打灯 Carved out Acrylic with embedded LED lights illuminating from all sides. ​ 3D Acrylic Letter Signs - Front-Lit 立体亚克力(前面打灯) Carved out Acrylic that have painted returns with embedded LED lights illuminating from the front. ​ 3D Acrylic Letter Signs - Backlit 立体亚克力(后面打灯) Carved out Acrylic that have painted on front & with embedded LED lights illuminating from the back. ​ Neon Letter Signs 霓虹灯 Constructed of Stainless Steel return and an Acrylic face, with the LED lights illuminating from the front. These lights mimic the classic neon signs but use up less electricity. ​ LED Signage 2ftx10ft Price RM1,600.00

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    Fight Covid-19 Together ​ ​ • Aid the shop and retail industry increase awareness of social distancing requirements, keeping both staff and customers safe. • Help reduce the risk catching Covid-19. • Possess a naturally eye catching and aesthetic appeal. • Easy to set up and lightweight, can be transported and carried around without any hassle and offer a user friendly design which makes changing banner graphics and assembling and dismantling simple and easy. • Ready made template available (No Extra Charge) • Customize design services is available upon request. • Request a custom quote? Please contact us for quotation. Sort by Social Distancing Sticker Set Price RM135.00 Fight Covid Poster Stand H8 (Single Sided) Price RM150.00 New Arrival Fight Covid Poster Stand - H5 (Double Sided) Price RM360.00 On Sales Social Distancing Floor Sticker Line Price RM40.00 New Arrival SOCIAL DISTANCING FLOOR STICKER - 36cmx36cm / 14"x14" (4in1) Price RM96.00 New Arrival SOCIAL DISTANCING FOR SEAT & WALL 20cmx30cm 20 pieces per set Price RM96.00 New Arrival Jarak Sosial 1M Distances Floor Sticker 5 in 1 set (2 Sets) Price RM120.00 New Arrival Social Distancing Floor Sticker Set (5 in 1 set) Price RM80.00 Social Distancing Floor Sticker Price RM10.00 New Arrival SOCIAL DISTANCES X STAND (Code-XN) Price RM28.00 New Arrival SOCIAL DISTANCES X STAND (Code-XZ) Price RM28.00 New Arrival Social Distancing Tripod Stand (GTS) Price RM48.00 New Arrival SOCIAL DISTANCES Mini Bamboo L Stand Price RM20.00 New Arrival SOCIAL DISTANCING BAMBOO POSTER FRAME WITH PRINTING Price RM150.00 New Arrival Social Distancing Tension Fabric Stand Backdrop Display 80cmx200cm Price RM800.00 New Arrival Social Distancing Aluminium Retractable Roll Up (150cmx200cm) Price RM250.00 Show More

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    Material List Not sure what materials we provide? Here are the full checklist of our materials! How to understand the list? Its pretty simple. (Size available x Length of roll) Kindly drop us a quotation or inquiry if you have any question pop out on your mind. We'll be glad to solve your matter. Dye Based Ink Materials Synthetic (PP) Paper 170g Synthetic (PP) Paper 180g (Matte) Synthetic (PP) Paper 180g (Taiwan) Synthetic (PP) Sticker 120g Synthetic (PP) Sticker 120Q Clear Sticker (Taiwan) Reverse Backlit PVC Vinyl Sticker - Semi Matte (100PVC) PVC Vinyl Sticker - Semi Matte (800PVC) PVC Vinyl Sticker - Grey Based Frontlit Banner Flex Tarpaulin 300g (300x500D) Tarpaulin 380g (500x500D) Tarpaulin (Black Based) 320g Tarpaulin 2 Side Printing 440g Mesh Vinyl with PVC Back (12Dx12D) UV Pigment Ink Materials - WR WR Synthetic Paper 180 WR UV PP 150 TAIWAN WR Front Print Backlit (TAIWAN 188u) WR PVC Vinyl TAIWAN UV WR PP Sticker 120 TAIWAN WP Fabric Cloth Solvent Materials PVC Sticker Taiwan (Gloss / Matte / High Matte) PVC Sticker Greybased (Gloss) Taiwan Solvent Backlit Vinyl PVC Sticker China (Gloss/Matte) PVC Sticker China Greybased (Gloss) Solvent PP Sticker 150 Matte Taiwan Synthetic Paper (PP Matte) Taiwan 220g Synthetic Paper (PP Matte) Taiwan 180g Solvent Glossy PP Taiwan 230g Solvent Backlit Film (Taiwan) 125g Solvent Backlit Film (Taiwan) 188g Solvent Art Canvas Solvent Polyester Canvas 600D Solvent Fabric Cloth Easy Banner Photo Paper See Through (Taiwan) ECO Solvent Wallpaper

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    Promotion Counter Series Promotion counter also known as sampling booth, which allow customer to taste samples or to perform demonstration. 28A-CAZ(4) Price RM180.00 New Arrival CB-3 (Plastic) MINI Price RM120.00 28B-CB Price RM150.00 28A-CAZ(1) Price RM100.00 28A-CAZ(2) Out of stock 28A-CAZ(3) Price RM120.00 QE1 Price RM300.00 QE2 Out of stock QE3 Out of stock Show More

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    Modular Backdrop Series Modular backdrop are considered as an alternative version of pop up. Which serve the same purpose of providing backdrop on exhibition. Aluminium Modular Backdrop (2 Panel) Price RM1,000.00 Aluminium Modular Backdrop (3 Panel) Price RM1,500.00 Aluminium Modular Backdrop (4 Panel) Price RM2,100.00

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    Creating new designs and preparing print files, we can also help you with other projects. Design Don't know how to design? Don't worry! We are here to help. Step 1: Write your imagination design to a piece of paper with complete information. Step 2: Snap the picture & send us by email together with the photos that you want to included in the design. Please write down your contact number. ​ Step 3: Select the design option. ​ Step 4: Complete the payment ​ Within 24 hours we will assign our designer to communicate with you through WhatsApp. Please be inform that all proposed design can only be modified . Another charges will be applied after modified. 1- 3 times (depend on selected packages) 3 times Sort by TEXT BASIC DESIGN Price RM20.00 TEXT & LOGO BASIC DESIGN​​​​​​​ Price RM50.00 SIMPLE GRAPHIC DESIGN Price RM100.00 FULLY CUSTOMIZED GRAPHIC DESIGN Price RM150.00

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    Wall Backdrop Truss System Display Used for some big event & performance - Wedding, Exhibition and Other Stage Backdrop Decorative These Truss are always used as background frame.Connect each truss with pin part and easy to set up. Length or thickness can be customized according to customer's requirement. Wall backdrop Truss System Price RM500.00