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About Us

Big Ad (M) Sdn. Bhd. was engaged in advertisement service since 1990. From 1994-2000 the company was involved in bus back panel to fully painted bus advertising, subsequently the company diverted their marketing planned to outdoor signage advertisement services. Due to Government restricted in granting yearly contracted license to bus mini and outsources town bus, it is also in consequences of lack of competitive advantages in fully painted bus advertisement. 

The company has emerged their marketing strategy to outdoor signage in the years of 1998-2001. Outdoor signage involved different signage such as 3D, neon, billboard, LED lighted and non-lighted signage. In 2004, the company has also diversified to inkjet printing and thereafter to supply of inkjet material, inks and all kinds of display system, designing and web development as the potentiality of large format inkjet print 
is held to be taken over the market of silk screen printing, offset printing, hand painting and airbrush painting. The Company is expanding the owned storage of 2000 sqm storage retailed shop and 3000 sqm storage for the Bangkok, Thailand beside our main hub in Singapore. 
Hong Kong and Republic of China is expanding well for global sale speedily.


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