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Frame-less LED Light Boxes


Frame-less LED Light Boxes are the new trend of customized modular illuminated display stand, with fast and easy installation, save a lot of time and money of us, meanwhile our frame-less led light box can be configured and repeated used, lowering your overall costs. 


This light box has one of the easiest graphic changes available as the fabric graphic has a rubber edge which simply pushes into a channel in the aluminium profile around the edges of the frame. The fabric which the graphic is printed on is made from a flexible material that allows it to be stretched tight over the face of the light box frame, similar to a canvas print across a stretcher frame.




-- Frame-less thick aluminum frame available in

    35 mm, 40 mm, 60 mm, 80 mm & 100 mm depth.


-- Indoor model printed on fabric with silicone plug on the edge of graphic.


-- Graphics can be changed very easily.


-- Fully customized sizing, made to exact size you want.


-- Used for indoor wall mount advertising.


-- Non-illuminated fabric light box is also available.


-- Widely used in airport, station, subway, bank, shopping mall, exhibition,

   company signboard, and other advertising projects.


  • 2 feet X 3 feet - RM400

  • 3 feet X 4 feet - RM800

  • 4 feet X 5 feet - RM1300

  • 4 feet X 6 feet - RM1500

  • 4 feet X 8 feet - RM2000


  • 2 feet X 3 feet - RM360

  • 3 feet X 4 feet - RM720

  • 4 feet X 5 feet - RM1200

  • 4 feet X 6 feet - RM1440

  • 4 feet X 8 feet - RM1920


Custom Made Available. Please call 018-911 4849 / 012 266 4849 or leave a message for more information & details.

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