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Material List

Not sure what materials we provide? Here are the full checklist of our materials!

How to understand the list? Its pretty simple.

(Size available x Length of roll)

Kindly drop us a quotation or inquiry if you have any question pop out on your mind. We'll be glad to solve your matter.

Dye Based Ink Materials

Synthetic (PP) Paper 170g 

Synthetic (PP) Paper 180g (Matte)

Synthetic (PP) Paper 180g (Taiwan)

Synthetic (PP) Sticker 120g

Synthetic (PP) Sticker 120Q

Clear Sticker (Taiwan)

Reverse Backlit

PVC Vinyl Sticker - Semi Matte (100PVC)

PVC Vinyl Sticker - Semi Matte (800PVC)

PVC Vinyl Sticker - Grey Based


Frontlit Banner Flex

Tarpaulin 300g (300x500D)

Tarpaulin 380g (500x500D)

Tarpaulin (Black Based) 320g

Tarpaulin 2 Side Printing 440g

Mesh Vinyl with PVC Back (12Dx12D)

UV Pigment Ink Materials - WR

WR Synthetic Paper 180


WR Front Print Backlit (TAIWAN 188u)


UV WR PP Sticker 120 TAIWAN

WP Fabric Cloth


Solvent Materials

PVC Sticker Taiwan (Gloss / Matte / High Matte)

PVC Sticker Greybased (Gloss) Taiwan

Solvent Backlit Vinyl

PVC Sticker China (Gloss/Matte)

PVC Sticker China Greybased (Gloss)

Solvent PP Sticker 150 Matte Taiwan

Synthetic Paper (PP Matte) Taiwan 220g

Synthetic Paper (PP Matte) Taiwan 180g

Solvent Glossy PP Taiwan 230g

Solvent Backlit Film (Taiwan) 125g

Solvent Backlit Film (Taiwan) 188g

Solvent Art Canvas

Solvent Polyester Canvas 600D

Solvent Fabric Cloth

Easy Banner

Photo Paper

See Through (Taiwan)

ECO Solvent Wallpaper

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