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"Private Property No Trespassing" sign, clearly visible black and golden lettering design is sure to catch the attention of possible intruders. 

With this private property sign, you don't have to refuse unwanted visitors in the face. A nice subtle way of saying no thanks. 

Keeps unwanted visitors off your front porch.


Will not fade, no matter the sun, rain, or other extreme weather.

Signs have pre-drilled mounting holes for easy installation. 

It can be mounted on various surfaces. Perfect for driveways, yards, sidewalks, roads, and other areas. 

A perfect sized sign is to make sure that the important message can be easily seen, even from a few feet away. 

Ideal for both neighbor & yard use and for professional businesses, the signs are carefully designed to look sleek, authoritative, and easy to read.


Size: 12x 8 inches
Units per pack: 2 units
Material: Waterproof UV Sticker + Aluminum composite + 2 pre-drilled mounting holes

2 Pack Private Property No Trespassing Signs 12x 8 Inches Private Property Sign

SKU: Private Property Signs 12x8in (2pc)
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