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Width: 20cm/ 25cm/ 30cm / 35cm/ 40cm/ 45cm/ 50cm
Length: 5 Meter/10 Meter

🌟Product Description
Air column is ideal for wrapping and protecting fragile items during storage or transit a perfect packaging solution for wine and liqueur seller or anyone who is looking for extra cushioning supply for their product while not to add any additional weight.
Every column sealing air independently. They can still protect the package even though one happen to be punctured no more damaged under terrible transport.

💥  After inflate, example if width 35cm will become 30cm.
💥  We send items to you are flat, you need to inflation the bubble by yourself.
💥 Function: Protect the fragile and high value goods in transport. 

Remark : Item come without air filling.

Inflatable Air Bubble Wrap

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