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Our LED Menu Magnetic TV Lightbox can combine several section in each column. It is available in 40cmx60cm & 43cmx74cm & 60cmx80cm. You may place it in portrait screen or landscape screen.

The hanging kits which hold the led lightbox can be adjustable in 45 degree ,so that your ads can be display in different angle to customers for good view. he hanging pole can move up and down to adjust the height of this restaurant lightbox.
Widely use in indoor for commercial center, café, supermarket , chain-store, banks , bars, hotels, restaurants, airports, bus station, exhibition and interior decoration.


⭐️Model 40cmx60cm
Printing Size: 38cmx58cm
Vision Size: 35cmx55cm
Safe Area: 33cmx53cm


⭐️Model 43cmx74cm
Printing Size: 40.5cmx71cm
Vision Size: 37cmx68cm
Safe Area: 35cmx66cm


⭐️Model 60cmx80cm
Printing Size: 57cmx77cm
Vision Size: 53.5cmx73.5cm
Safe Area: 52cmx72cm


🌈灯箱应用效果对比 Lightbox Effect Comparison


►4K电视级效果  4K TV level effects
# 标准6500K色温 ~ Standard 6500K color
# 发光均匀明亮 ~ Uniformly bright
# 色彩还原准确 ~ Accurate color 


►普通的效果 Ordinary effects
# 色温偏蓝 ~ Bluish color
# 光源灰暗有暗区 ~ Light source is dark with dark areas
# 色彩还原度差 ~ Poor color  effect


🌈Bracket 支架
- 随意调节高度与角度 Adjustable height and angle (Min 60cm & Maximum 94cm)
- 可伸缩金属支架 Telescopic metal bracket
- 建议:层高在3.5-4米之间使用 Suggestion: Use between 3.5-4 meters
Weight: 1kg

✨90 days guarantee for replacement
✨Term & Condition Apply

LED Menu Magnetic TV Lightbox

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