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Truss System or Mobile Frame is main reasons for large scare stage backdrop / wall display because there’s no plastic parts to break and easy screw type fasteners that you can over tighten and strip. This truss system looked professional and very durable.


Used for some big performance, wedding, exhibition and other stage backdrop decorative.

Truss are always used as background frame. Connect each truss with pin part and easy to set up. Length or thickness can be customized according to customer's requirement.

Set up and tear down can easily be done by one or 2 person within 15 minutes (Depend How big the system require to use in your event). One tool you will need though is a hammer and a Leatcher since some of the screw point, connector & pins fit a little tight you will need to tap them in gently.

Setting it up may start on the ground and then lift it up. Tearing the truss down is easy too, just do everything in reverse.


METAL HOLLOW 25mm x 25mm


Design services is available upon request. Request a custom quote?

Please contact us at 018-9114849 or click for quotation.


All pictures shown are for illustration purpose only.

Metal Truss System (Sale)

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