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No Parking 30cmx30cm
Sign is fabricated from tough, durable material.
Signs have pre-drilled mounting holes for easy installation. Four pre-drilled holes can be used to hang the sign on a sign post, fence or wall. It can be mounted on various surfaces. Perfect for driveways, yards, sidewalks, roads, and other areas. 
Will not fade, no matter the sun, rain, or other extreme weather.
A perfect sized sign is to make sure that the important message can be easily seen, even from a few feet away. 

Size: 30cmx30cm
Unit per pack: 1 unit

Option 1: UV Sticker+ PVC Board + 2 pre-drilled mounting holes
Option 2: UV Sticker+ Aluminum Composite + 4 pre-drilled mounting holes

No Parking Sign 12"x12" 30cmx30cm

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