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Polypropylene PP Hollow Fluted Corrugated Plastic Sheet / Board has proved that it is suitable in the uses of packaging, advertising, construction, agriculture, industry and Pharmaceutical etc. 

PP corrugated board is also called pp hollow sheet, corrugated plastic sheet, sheet, polypropylene hollow sheet is extruded from the product line with melting polypropylene with polyethylene raw material together with high temperature.

PP hollow board is a new type for eco-friendly packaging materials, corrugated plastic sheet doesn’t produce dust during usage, has a high cycle life which is more than 4-10 times compared with the corrugated cardboard, will replace cardboard in the near future mainly on packaging use . 

Advantage: lightweight, good toughness, flexible size & lower cost

PP Hollow Sheet of products are mainly used in the packing of exporting vegetables, foods, pesticides, light industrial products, hard wares, building material, they also used in the equipping of household appliance, the indoor and outdoor advertising and decoration, the decoration of the large scale exhibitions, raw material of turnover boxes, vase bases, and the top covers for the cars etc.

Application of PP Hollow Sheet
❤ Packing: Bottles, Transfer Box, mail box, display rack, partition, gift box, food packing, turnover box, dustbin, fruit and vegetable etc.

❤ Advertising: Political and election signs, special event signage, advertising board, real estate signs, lawn decoration, indoor and outdoor signs

❤ Protections: Wall cladding, indoor and outdoor decoration, windows and false ceilings, floor cover, greenhouse roof

❤ Stationery and Tote: Partitions, multi-color, suitable for art design & various pattern box or delicate gift pack


Please live chat us for custom sizes.

Due to manual measurement and cutting, there will be slight 1-5mm difference.

PP Hollow (5mm)

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