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• Anti side slipping design to protect your hands.

• Aluminium ruler that is strong and durable.

• Groove design to avoid cutting askew.

• Ruler work together with x-acto knife. 

• Specification: 1.32M 

• Used for cutting paper, photo paper, flex banner, canvas & etc.


This ruler made of aluminium alloy is delicate and durable. It's professional using during the cutting work because of anti side slipping design to protect your hands. The ruler has groove design to avoid cutting skew. It should work together with x-acto knife and cutting mat. There is standard scale with centimeter that is very convenient to use. Compared with normal steel ruler, our protectional ruler is massive and durable while normal ones will move easily and cutting askew. We have several sizes of rulers and you can choose any size you need.


* Min Purchase 10 Units *

Professional Aluminium Advertising Ruler (1.3M)

SKU: adruler1.32M
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