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Why Choose PVC Board?

PVC Boards Comparing foam core boards and PVC board prints, PVCs wins hands down. The secret is the following: PVC boards last longer and will work best outdoors and in any weather. You can guarantee that a PVC yard sign will last longer and thus will convey the message better than any other type of sign. PVC boards are very versatile compared to foam board prints. You can use this for outdoor signage, yard signs, restaurant menu boards, directional signs, and more. PVC boards are lighter and can withstand a few drops. This is why it's more preferred by companies that employ human signage. PVC boards can be held all day because this is lighter and will never wear even when used continuously. PVC board prints may be cheaper when ordered through an experienced and professional trade printer so take your time shopping for the best service and the best rates. 


  • Density: 0.32
  • Size: 122cmx244cm

PVC Foam Board (122cmx244cm)

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