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Velcro Tape

Velcro tape is sticky back fasteners which deliver strong holding power. Simply peel and stick application. For smooth surfaces such as painted wallboard, glass, metal and most plastics. It is durable and strong. Must have for home, school and office. Great for organization, mounting, hanging, and securing.

Velcro tape comes with hook roll and loop roll, each at 30 meters in length. These Velcro tape are great for thousands of uses and extremely versatile and flexible to make shape

Applications include holding small tools, speaker cabinet fronts and other panels, cable harness retention, battery mounting aids, non-slip instrument use, prototype model assembly and exhibition display boards. 

* Width 25mm, Length 30 meters (98.4252 feet)
* One hook and one loop roll
* Strong peel and seal stick adhesive backing
* Holds firm to almost all surfaces
* Easy to remove
* Easy to cut into desired size with scissor
* Good for home, office, garage and etc.
* Color: White

* Min Purchase 10 Units *

Velcro Tape / Magic Tape

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